BJJ Gi Shop Blog: Sambo Leg Locks

Posted November 14 2011

This weekend I arranged and attended a leg lock seminar with some Sambo Grand Masters

Leg locks have always been a mystery to me, and if I am honest I am pretty scared of both applying and defending them due to (me believing) the potential for injury is high.

When trying to learn something I always try to identify an expert in a field and approach them, so I decided to contact one of the leading Sambo experts in the UK, John Clarke and arrange a seminar for my BJJ teammates and I. The aim was to learn how to correctly attack with and defend the straight leg lock (legal for BJJ white belts to Purple when fighting in the BJJ Gi and also leg locks for No Gi.

I have filmed all of the BJJ leg lock techniques and will be posting them this week, but until then, here is a video of Sambo leg locks to keep you going....