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Super Heavyweight Meat Box


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Are you a Super Heavyweight? We have a specific meat box that will provide you with all the meat you need for the month, for just £4.50 per day (based on 30 days).

Here is the contents of the Super Heavyweight Meat Box:

20 x Chicken Breast Supremes - 1160g
4 x 500g Steak Mince - 560g
2 x 500g Minute Steak - 290g
2 x 500g Diced Beef - 290g
6 x 6oz Pork Loin Steaks - 180g
1 x Whole Chicken – 300g

Super Heavyweight protein requirements: 120g protein per day/3600g per month

Super Heavyweight Meat Box protein contents: 92.6 per day/2780g (75% of total required protein intake), please make sure you eat fish, beans and pulse to get a balanced diet, and of course lots of vegetables.

Lean muscle mass development for combat athletes such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu players requires a high protein diet. One of the best sources of protein is meat.

The BJJ Gi Shop has partnered with Athleat the Scottish based organic butchers to provide meat boxes contain free range chicken and organic grass feed beef boxes specific to your weight class.

It  is widely regarded that for every 1kg of your weight, endurance athletes need aprox 1.2 grams of protein, so to make this easy with have created specific monthly meat boxes for each fight weight (i.e. enough meat for a month), leaving some room in your diet to have some fish, beans and pulses.

All meat gets delivery direct to you in custom made chilled packaging with all the meat in side vacuum packed straight from the Master Butchers knife. All meat is suitable for freezing.  Here is how it comes:

Better than supplements, which by there very nature should SUPPLEMENT your diet, and cost effect too at just £4.50 per day.

Photo by dhyasama